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Default Re: Jack Johsnon news reads. Battling Jim, MCvey, Jeanette, and Langford!

Originally Posted by Mendoza
Johnson loved money. He once blew $20,000 in one night, which was an obscene amount of money in those days. If you read the stuff I post Power Puncher, you will note what I say is pretty much spot on, and backed by news paper accounts. To deny multiple news paper accounts to suit an agenda seems like your reading from cloud cuckoo. Either that or the facts, and truths simply do not coenciding with your rooting interests. I think it’s the later as most of your posts are good.

The bottom line is Johnson had a real chance to fatten his bank accounts. All he had to do was take one of many offers to fight McVey, Jeanette, or Langford as champion. Histroy shows us he did not. Case closed.
I'm not ignoring the newspaper reports. I'm questioning the details of the offers. Fights don't get made for many reasons.

The real questions are:

How much was Johnson on per fight? If it was significantly below $100k (ie 20k) then I see it very unlikely he'd turn down a Langford he already beat comfotably. If he was already on $100k per fight to fight anyone, then there is no reason to fight a harder fight for the same amount of money.

How genuine were these offers?

How long were these offers on the table for? (some may have been withdrawn when Johnson faced legal problems)

Would contractual stipulations did the fight contracts contain?

My initialy point stands - if Johnson was offered a record high payday to fight someone he'd already beaten comprehensively - he'd take it.
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