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Default Re: why the hell isnt khan fighting yuri romanov???

Originally Posted by Max Molyneux
Thaxton can certainly chin check Khan but think Khan will see those slow hooks coming. If he was quick and not a poor mans Witter with them I'd think he'd chin check Khan but Amir will see them coming.
Thaxton looked pretty uneducated in his last fight but he can throw shots a lot sharper and more accurate than that . Even if he doesn't I reckon he will still land a good few .

Thaxton doesn't mind having to take shots to land his own , he's not the type of guy like Lawton who covers up while being hit and waiting for the assault to end before trying to give anything back . Khan is most vulnerable while he's throwing and when he's on the offensive , and for me his lateral movement isn't good enough when he's looking to land combos on opponents and while he is a very slick fighter he can be a little upright .

Limond caught Khan while Khan was coming in trying to land some hard shots in combination(Khan trys to throw a double left hook to the head and got caught with a clubbing right hand) .

This is why I think Khan having success against Thaxton(which I'm guessing he will) will lead to his downfall as he is very open when throwing his own shots and against the type of guys that aren't discouraged to counter by their opponents shots and can take a few shots themselves , he will have a lot of problems .

Whenever Khan gets brave and goes in to trade it will be his downfall . If he boxes an altra cautious fight he may be able to win a wide decision.........but I do mean ultra cautious .
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