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Default Newbie to the site and boxing

Hello folks. I'm taking a beginner "class" next week in the art of boxing. I'm 32 years old and in pretty decent shape, but I'm looking for something a little more interesting to keep me working out and focused. Plus, well dont tell my wife, but I'm looking forward to stepping in the ring and learning whatever I can and see how far I can go.

Obviously I have a lot of questions as I am brand new but I think my biggest concern up front is my speed. I play softball all summer and fall and while I'm not the slowest guy to run the bags, I'm far from the fastest. I know running and boxing are two totally different concepts and even a different type of cardio, but how much do you guys think a lack of that type of speed will affect me in the ring and is it something I can develop?

Thanks guys. I cant wait to start learning all of this and picking your brains for knowledge.

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