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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Kalule vs Masashi Kudo

a complete shutout and a fairly dull fight.Kudo was an ordinary champion at best, fighting like a poor man's Corro/Serrano hybrid...totally safety-first and only ever commiting to a sneaky potshotting lead right hand, which was his only good offensive weapon.

Kalule stalked him throughout, using excellent canizales/Arbachakov-esque footwork and quality one-two's to control things, then sliding in and out at angles with three and four punch combo's when Kudo tried to potshot him.

Kalule vs Marijan Benes

This was a much more entertaining and at times quite competitive fight, even though i doubt Benes won more than 3 or 4 rounds.

Benes was a decent fighter with a bizarre style that was like part Galindez, part Tonna/Roldan and part complete technical incompetence.

He would try and do a Galindez jab and trap setting routine for part of most rounds, then lose patience and hurl himself forward like a maniac, wide open throwing ridiculously telegraphed unpredictable bombs one after the other.

This usually resulted in him getting his head jabbed in and repeatedly countered with every punch in the book.However, Kalule's lack of power meant he just kept coming, entirely undiscouraged and when he did land was able to have some success pushing Kalule on the defensive, even if he was only getting one shot in every five or so through.

kalule,perhaps starting to struggle with the weight at ths time, slowed later and got caught with a massive hook in the 14th that had him badly rocked, though he kept composure and saw the round out without too much further trouble.
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