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Default Re: Hatton offers Mayweather 5 million (UK POUNDS - not $) to come to england.

Originally Posted by Leeroy
****ing A right...I'm American and I'll admit it - I love the British atmosphere......Las vegas=15 thousand IF(Big IF)but the UK an EASY 50+....

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the "Mecca" of boxing - It sure as **** isn't the mecca of boxing,when you have 9 thousand fans sitting in the Las Vegas arena.

Some people are ****ing idiots - "Oh it should be here because,because" - Because makes no ****ing sense.

I think most just use that as an excuse for their fighter not wanting to fight elsewhere.

Everyone gives Hatton and Calzaghe ****,but Floyd fights in his BACKYARD,like Calzaghe does - But in my opinion Joe is justified in doing so because of his massive fanbase,unlike Floyd....Same thing goes for Hatton.
great post thanks for being objective i just wonder how many of floyds fan have realized they have become fans of a man not fans of the sport anymore....**** all the bull**** excuses im a fight fan first and formost
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