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Default Re: Jack Johsnon news reads. Battling Jim, MCvey, Jeanette, and Langford!

PowerPuncherI'm not ignoring the newspaper reports. I'm questioning the details of the offers. Fights don't get made for many reasons.

The real questions are:

How much was Johnson on per fight? If it was significantly below $100k (ie 20k) then I see it very unlikely he'd turn down a Langford he already beat comfotably. If he was already on $100k per fight to fight anyone, then there is no reason to fight a harder fight for the same amount of money.
Johnson could make more money for sure on Langford, Jeanette, and McVey than the Flynn's, Ross' and Kaufman's of boxing. I assure you the purse offering for Johnson were at least double, and in all likely hood at least 4x or more the amount he was making for the easy title defenses vs the Jim Johnson's and Jim Flynn's of boxing.

How genuine were these offers?
They were offers. They same as others. If the offers were not genuine, Johnson would have used that as an excuse and the press would have said, Johnson signs $100,000 to meet Langford and McVey, but the deal falls through!!! I see no such articles. I never read that any big fight vs Langford, Jeanette, or McVey vs Johnson feel through due to lack of funds. Johnson simply gave the best competition the cold shoulder and fought lesser fighters for less money.

How long were these offers on the table for? (some may have been withdrawn when Johnson faced legal problems)
Once again, Johnson could fight anyone he wanted to in France, England, and Australia. As I pointed out, Flynn fight was in late 1912, and that one took place in the USA. Johnson had plenty of time to fight the best.

Would contractual stipulations did the fight contracts contain?
The news papers showed the money involved. As for stipulations, Johnson was steering ht championship ship. He would have commanded a higher percentage of the purses.

My initialy point stands - if Johnson was offered a record high payday to fight someone he'd already beaten comprehensively - he'd take it.
This is unadulterated BS. You donít have a point here. How much do you think Johnson made vs Flynn, Ross, or Kauffman? Though I don't have the financial amounts that Johnson made in these fights, I would tend to beleive one $50,000 fight with Langford, McVey or Jeanette would net him more than the three fights of the lesser " white hopes " that Johnson fought. Read the clippings I posted here. The amounts of money Johnson had on the table here were huge. The 100K deal from H.D. McIntoish would trump Johnsonís earning vs Jeffries.
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