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Default Re: Tommy Hearns vs. Oscar De La Hoya

Originally Posted by Robbi
De La Hoya's chin wasn't tested to the same degree because he started off three divisions below Hearns, who quite obviously faced more physically imposing fighters. Hagler, Barkley, Andries, etc.

The biggest fighter De La Hoya ever shared a ring with was Hopkins, which wasn't a bombs away affair like Hagler v Hearns. He was KO'd with a bodyshot, but he never matched up to Hopkins physically the way Hearns did with Hagler. De La Hoya to his credit took Hopkins' head shots with no problem.

Hearns was in with harder hitters because he could carry the weight up past middleweight and hold his own with the opponents he squared off with as he had power as his equalizer. Roldan, Andries, and Hill among others. De La Hoya clearly never fought opponents with a comparable size because he had limits on how many divisions he could move up.

As Hearns moved up in weight, his chin did not get any stronger. He had the same chin at 147 as at 175.

De La Hoya fought some very good punchers and was never stopped. Quartey, Trinidad, Mosley, and Vargas.

That he did (IMO he beat all four of them, with Quartey being his closest call). Of those four, Tito hits the hardest. In fact, Tito was the hardest hitter Oscar ever faced. Frankly, Tito's power doesn't approach Haggler's*or Hill's.

Not only was Hearns stopped more times than De La Hoya, but he was also wobbled and hurt during fights on more occassions than De La Hoya as well.

Other than by Ray Leonard (who did it in a round Oscar never reached, 14, where fatigue was a factor) Hearns was never KO'd or wobbled at 147.

Nuff said.

If a man keeps fighting past 47 years old, and at over three stone above where he began, you can expect him to get wobbled occasionally.

It doesn't reflect on his chin at 147.
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