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Default Re: Tommy Hearns vs. Oscar De La Hoya

Originally Posted by Robbi
De La Hoya's chin would see him survive Leonard's punches, who in my opinion had power close to Mosley at 147lbs.

Hearns was seriously wobbled against Leonard on three occassions before getting stopped while sagging into the ropes. He was as good as floored with the ropes keeping him up during the 13th round, a count was then administred. A good chin in my opinion isn't just about not going down, but not showing effects from an opponents punches. Hearns was also all over the place on a few occassions when he rematched Hearns.

Hearns was also stopped by Hagler, although he showed a very good chin before getting stopped.

Kinchen floored Hearns early and had him all over the place.

Roldan had Hearns wobbled for a few moments as well before coming back to stop Roldan in the same round, the 4th.

And Barkley sparked Hearns with one shot.
I notice ALL your examples are of Hearns at 160 or more excepting one Robbi. Hearns has a helluva lot of fights below 160 vs decent fighters where he didn't have a problem. Hearns was on the downslide vs Kinchen, Barkley and Roldan, and these men are a helluva lot bigger and stronger than DLH and Mosley. Crikey, both were quite natural at 135. We saw what Hearns did to Duran, who has a better chin than both and is a better fighter than both. Certainly loses nothing power wise either. Could you see Mosely and DLH giving Hagler a good fight? I also don't see DLH and Mosely as the big bombers you do at 147. Imagine Hearns red hot poker of a left hook to the body vs DLH after watching Hopkins stop him with a comparatively innocuous shot. DLH is quite simply out of his element.
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