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Default Re: Jack Johnson news reads. Battling Jim, MCvey, Jeanette, and Langford!

Hi Mendoza,

You make a great point - Example, many boxing fans like
Rocky Graziano, though I don't think that he belongs in the top
5 middleweight category.

BTW, if Jack Johnson fought HARRY WILLS instead of Willard,
1) Do you think that Wills (in 1915) would have been experienced
enough at that point to beat Johnson?;
2) As far as styles go, would a big strong good boxing heayweight
like Wills be the type of fighter to beat Jack?

I think that Gunboat Smith might have really extended Jack, say if
they fought in 1913/1914.


Originally Posted by Mendoza
If I really wanted to raise Jeffries up higher and higher, I speak of Johnson in unrealistic misty eyed terms they way you do. This way Jeffries lost to superior all time #2 heavyweight. Does this make sense to you McVey?

But I am objective, and I don't think Johnson was anywhere near that good. I have shown the board why rather convincingly. As for Ali, hes my #1 too. We have that in common! However, I do think Ali was lucky to win some of his fights, and I examine them with the same objectivity. See how easy that is? Just take off those glasses, watch the films, read news clippings, study the ages and experience level of when the fights happened and embrace the truth. It's not too hard.

Liking a fighter and fairly ranking him are two different things. For example, I think Aurto Gatti is one of the most exciting fighters of our generation. Yet Aurto wasn't an all time great in my book. I like him a lot, but remain reasonable about his chances vs the best.
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