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Default Re: Sam's Training Log

Doing much more weight training again at the mo...using a 4 day split push/pull routine and cut back on cardio quite a bit... running 2 3-milers per week at most but doing more hill sprints.

pull up/press up routines are still in place, as are the circuit training drills but only doing 2-3 days now, and some of it is mixed in on light weights days, with press up, dips and pull ups on heavy days to finish off.

Progress is going pretty good, especially with the deadlifts (upto 165kg now and working towards pulling 200kg) bench is at 95kg which i'm not happy about and i dont have an exact 1rm for squats til i have access to a squat rack, but its only around 90kg which is weak. 75kg military press (with strict form) and around 80-85kg push press.

My training goals right now are: overheads 100kg, squat 160-180kg, deads 200-220kg by april. if i hit these targets i'm going to enter my first weight-lifting/strongman comp in may.
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