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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

OK, this might be one of the most re****ed posts in ESB history, but hear me out, I'm really clueless.
My diet atm is pure gash, I eat fried bacon and eggs for breakfast, have crisps, chocolate and barely 5 fruit and veg a week let alone a day. Yes, it's awful and I hate myself for it. I'm gonna clean it up though. Anyway, what I wanted to know was, as ridiculous as this may sound, if I clean up my diet like the one on the first page, is it possible I'd gain weight but still keep a low bf%. Yes, I know, sounds stupid, but what with all the **** I eat now, I'm still skinny and have a low bf%. I'm 5ft 11 and about 135 pounds, looking at it I'd guess my bf is about 15%. My thoughts are if I clean up my diet, I'd gain weight as I don't actually eat that much currently, but because I'm eating good food and exercising regularly I'd keep the bf% down?
Just tell me to **** off if I'm just being a re****
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