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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
Thanks mate I thought I was asking a ridiculous question. I plan to work out pretty much everyday of the week, using the stickies on this forum as a guide. In fact I'm pretty much gonna do the beginners boxing routine and maybe adjust it hear and there (no way can I do some of the stuff in my current shape).
If you work out daily you could notice severe improvements in recovery, energy levels, alertness, etc. A healthier person simply performs better, and it's not by a small margin either.

Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
Also, what are your thoughts on cereals? I'm ok with eating early in the day and can easily eat a bowl of cereal and do a smoothie. Is bran flakes with mlk any good?
In general, the less processing a food item has endured, the better. Bran flakes are not optimal, that would be fresh fruits, dairy, things like that. But some brands are a somewhat decent source of grains. The milk is fine. Listen if you want bran flakes by all means, if you work out vigorously you can use a bit of carbs. I eat whole multi grain bread myself, I just need the carbs. Bottom line, some cereal products are good and some are ****. If you take them, select one with as much of the original food (grains) in it, and as little factory made additions as possible. Factory made additions could be corn syrup, taste enhancers, etc. You don't want those.
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