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Default Re: Opinions on this kid

Originally Posted by joemac View Post
Kye was telling me last night that some of the boys he beat in the clips were an Australian champ, a New Zealand champ, a PNG champ and a few of the others were state champs - so although he makes them look ordinary they may well have had decent records.
Joe mac, further to the responses on here, I think he's decent and looks very heavy handed. His opponents look pretty awful but as noted previously anyone can look good on a highlight reel, thus his opponents are going to look bad as genrally there been chinned. He looks very wild, but australia rarely produced super stylists, more known globally for your atritional types like Fenech, Harding and Katsidis. He looks good....

At 60-5 he should be more refined then he is though and I would question whose actually teaching him.... He's one of two things- a fabulous talent with a shoddy coach... or a fighter of modest ability with a coach whose fabulously switched on to his fighters strengths and weaknesses. So either way there is some good and some bad.
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