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Default Re: Newbie to the site and boxing

Originally Posted by trip09 View Post
WEll, due to weather and my ever changing schedule, I finally made it to watch the boxing class this evening. There were actually only two people there which I thought was pretty cool. There was a lot of one-on-one time with the trainer. Then they sparred for 3, 2 minute rounds. I think this kind fo took me by suprise as I always thought sparring involved wearing headgear??? Am I wrong on that? The only reason I am concerned is that I have a pretty high profile job and I'm sure me coming in with my face all beat to a pulp would not go over well.

Aside from that, I'm jumping in head first next week. I've been running long distance a lot and doing some sprint work for the past couple months. I have to say though, I can see my legs giving up after one two minute round of that stuff. It was nonstop moving, sticking, trading punches and more dancing around the ring. Man, I cant wait to run through the gauntlet!
I'd definitely wear the head protection. Even if you don't end up with bruises, those gloves can be pretty abrasive and could also cut you. And you definitely want to minimize the risk of a concussion. So in addition to handwraps/gloves, you have your mouth guard and headgear to always wear. Plus maybe some groin protection if you have any Golota-wannabes in your gym.
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