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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Watched Harada vs Turner all the way through.

I'm about to go to bed so won't post my thoughts. Would take me all day to encapsulate how good a fight it is. Just reaffirms how good I think Gavilan was. Awesome fight, am interested in Turner now, have two more of his fights to watch

Watched Louis vs Carnera. Was surprised as I've only seen bits of the Sharkey and Baer figths but even accounting for the sped-up nature of old celluloid he looks fairly fast and capable. Good in fact.

Strange, as he showed immense heart in the Baer match (did he really break his ankle?!?!? Multiple knockdowns from a savage puncher nonetheless) but here Louis drops him three times and Carnera wants none of it.

Was it because Carnera had had enough? End of his career? I can't be ****d to find out. I'll hedge a bet its because Joe Louis was punching him I certainly wouldn't wanna see out ten seconds let alone six rounds!!!

Started watching the first Conn fight (seen it before anyway) but it got so cold in my shed I finished my joint in the porch and came up onto my PC instead.

And now I'm off to bed

Gonna rescore Duran-Barkley tomorrow. Had it 114-113 Duran, what did you guys have it? Lost my individual rounds though so will do it again and see what happens

Harada vs Turner?
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