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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

kostya tszyu strength and conditioning routine
from the book workouts of boxings greatest champs

kostya does this program to build up his strength before he moves on to the conventional boxing
training < bag work, speed bag , focus pads and sparing >.

warm-up: touch toes and hold for 10 seconds , side-to-sides for 1 min , swing arms up and down, alternating for 1 min
bend knees and touch the floor with fingers

push-ups: 50 on knuckles

pull-ups : 10 using a close grip

jumping rope: 20 mins at moderate pace < followed by 1 min break>

pull-ups:4x10 <30 sec break after each set>

dumbbells: 4x1 min rounds on alternating dumbbell curls <30 second break after each round then 1 min break at end>

barbells:4x15 barbell curls <30 sec break after each set then 1 min break at end >

barbell disc:3x20 lifts <30 sec break after each set>
pull disc up to your chest with both hands and let it fall back to your thighs.

bench press: 70 reps at 75 lbs.

neck twists&rotations : lie flat on your back , lift your head up off the ground and move it up and down then around for 1 min

leg-raises: 1 min lie on your back, stretch out your legs , lift them off the floor and hold

leg-raises:4x1 min holds <30 sec break after each lift >as before,but lift legs all the way

sit-ups 3x50 on floor <30 second break after each set
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