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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

I was raelly impressed with Turner. Surprised he ended up at Middle, what sorta' weight was he there? Would 154 be a perfect weight for him nowadays?

He's a ferocious fighter. Takes a serious beating, he certainly isn't running on empty late, it's a savage beating from Gavilan that ends it in a fight I had about 5-5 going into the 11th. The last three right hands Gavilan lands as he beats the kid to a standstill are so accurate it's scary.

I like Turners ability to keep throwing shots when Gavilan is trying to change the angles. Turner isn't just a straight up slugger by the looks of it, and he even throws some bolo punches, though I'm not sure (having not watched the aforementioned Fullmer and Giardello fights, which I also received yesterday) whether that was part of his ****nal or just a ploy to get into Gavilans head (i.e anything you can do I can do better)

He lands the jab against the taller Gavilan really well too, snapping the Cuban Hawks head back quite a few times.

The exchanges are BRUTAL. Two top operators (Turner only in his third year as a professional, hard to believe) who are well conditioned (physically and mentally) who can both box (Gavilan obviously superior in that department) can both punch (Gavilan a really underrated puncher IMO, not a monsterous puncher but his accuracy, workrate and ferocity mean I hate when he is labelled as a feather fist by those who have only checked his K.O%) and neither are easily dissuaded.

I'd only seen hl's before. Officially one of my favourite fights now. I'm glad RB chose the Fullmer and Giardello fights (I know Turner had a series with Fullmer, not sure whether it's the one Turner wins or not) as I wanted to see more of Turner as soon as the fight finished.

Anyway, that stream of consciousness above is a mere ramble; doesn't portray my full appreciation other than the fight.

Put it this way, you know a fight is quality when you're giggling like a schoolgirl at the exchanges
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