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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Lloyd Honeyghan vs Don Curry

First time I have seen this fight. The fight started fairly evenly as both men felt each other out, I thought Curry landed teh sharper shots. In the second Honeyghan came out and landed a long right hand on Curry's chin and stunned him badly and kept the pressure on him but could not finish him off. Curry regrouped well to take the 3rd and 4th with his sharp shooting but looked to be trying to get the KO instead of boxing.
The fight took its final turn in the 5th as Honeyghan again hurt Curry and really poured it on and gave him a good shellacking. The 6th was more of the same as a cut opened up on Curry's face, deciding enough was enough Curry did not want to continue after the 6th round.

Curry: 1,3,4
Total: 27-27 Draw (3-3)

Honeyghan RTD6 Curry

Wilfred Benitez vs Bruce Curry I

A very good action packed fight here.

The bout started cagily as Benitez sized up Curry but a massive right hand stunned Benitez badly and won the round for Curry. The second and third rounds were Benitez's as he out pointed Curry with fast combinations. Deciding to turn it up in the 4th Benitez really turned it on and looked to finally take controll before a massive left hook from nowhere dropped Benitez badly. Benitez getting up very shakily got dropped again and still looked hurt with 15 seconds to go but managed stay upright. Sensing his advantage Curry picked it up in the 5th and dropped benitez again but Wilfred showed some good defensive instincts to hold on.

Finally getting his legs underneath him, Benitez played a negative game and took the 6th round from Curry who was badly tiring from his sloppy finishing in the preceding two rounds. Benitez again took command from the 6th thru to the 9th but lacked his usal sharpness and seemed lackadasical at times.

In the tenth both boys looking for a big finish, they slugged it out but Benitez's faster hands pulled him through.

The fight was scored on a rounds basis but on a points system Benitez would have lost! (although not on my card)

Benitez: 2,3,6,7,8,9,10 KD'd 4x2,5
Curry: 1,4,5
Total: 94-93 Benitez (7-3)

Benitez SD Curry
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