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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Monzon/Griffith II

Round 1: Monzon 10-9
Round 2: Monzon 10-9
Round 3: Monzon 10-9
Round 4: Monzon 10-9
Round 5: Monzon 10-9
Round 6: Monzon 10-9
Round 7: Monzon 10-9
Round 8: Griffith 10-9
Round 9: Griffith 10-9
Round 10: Even 10-10
Round 11: Griffith 10-9
Round 12: Griffith 10-9
Round 13: Monzon 10-9
Round 14: Monzon 10-9
Round 15: Griffith 10-9

Total: Monzon 145-141 Griffith

(Actually, the fight was scored on a 20-point must system, but **** that.)

People seem to talk about this fight as if it was a totally lackluster performance from Carlos, but I think it was more a case of him going to sleep after the first half of the fight. At the start, he looked brilliant: as fast as I've ever seen him, mixing it up a lot more than in Griffith I, getting off first and totally negating Griffith's attempts to get inside with heavy body shots, upper-cuts and hooks. He used the right hand as frequently as I've seen him (apart from vs. Briscoe) and was much more effective with it than when he just stood there constantly pawing with the jab. At one point, I think he threw a six or seven punch combination - so much for the one-dimensional 1-1-2 man! Basically, I felt he was boxing Emile's ears off and totally handling him until Round 8, where he seemed to run out of energy. (Obviously, he had trouble making weight and had to train the day before-hand, if you buy that.) Still, I thought he stole enough of the later rounds even with little left in the tank to win quite clearly.

The Monzon of the first half of the fight was a serious force to be reckoned with, though.
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