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Default Re: Most beautiful boxing style you've seen...

I loved Durans style agression coming from a boxer/puncher and in the Dejesus rematch the switch from body to head attack and how he broke Esteban down.

I loved Ken Buchanan, good legs and jab and he had some pop

Joe Louis the way he put his power perfectly behind his short compact combo's and felled many a big man

Willie Pep and Nicilino Loche

Rocky Marciano, He was the on the attack but smart and could bust up a Rythym fighters momentum and often beat them to the punch with a well timed and odd angled bomb.

SRL Speed, power,movement, and Killer instinct

SRR...He had it all, fought in a thick era and had a 128-2-2 record going into the Turpin fight

Jersey Joe of the cutest, had great legs, quick hands and KO power in both. He was not an aggressive fighter but could drop you or KO you with either hand and then coast

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