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Default Re: Most beautiful boxing style you've seen...

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
I actually thought Chang was excellent to watch. He wasn't a textbook fighter at all, but his instinctive reflexes were amazing, both defensively and as a counter-puncher. He could open and close the distance in the blink of an eye to get his shots off while avoiding his oponent's blows. He was also extremely accurate with his punches and had very good head movement. Awesome fighter, a fight between he and a Flyweight Harada would've been dynamite. I don't know of too many other modern Flyweights that could've handled him.
Oh no you got me wrong, I am a massive admirer of Chang's style - I think he is excellant to watch and always impressive. And i cant disagree with a word you say.

I think Harada in the end would have been too strong for him but what a fight. Who would be the best Flyweight you think he could beat? Canto?

Originally Posted by Mantequilla View Post
Yeah, Chang is one of the best purely instinctive fighting talents since Duran imo, though not to everyone's tastes stylistically.I've always thought he was what Duran might have ended up looking like had he evolved himself, and not been molded into a more complete textbook technician by Arcel, Brown etc..

It would have been interesting to see what his career would have been like, had he some trainers like that to keep him a bit more grounded and really refine him.Get the feeling he just did what he wanted in Korea really.
I love that comparison with Duran as it is so correct. Would you describe him as a natural talent?
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