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Default Re: Jeffries or Fitzsimmons?

Originally Posted by Bad_Intentions
yea, he had joey maxim beat, but the heat was too much and almost passed out. robinson said in a interview years after he retired that if he won that fight (light heavyweight) theirs no chance that he would win or challenge the heavyweight title.
Well He is not getting points for failing to left the title. Maxim also was not fighting the same way either, less agressive than he normal does(See his fights with Moore and others) It seems he was content with letting the heat do his work in that fight. condtions and all that.
Besides, IF Robinson did win the fight, win or lose he was not going to be faceing Rocky Marciano anyway. Not with him tearing up the divsion in the fashion the Rock was doing any way. Not many middleweights would have wanted a fight with Marciano. Not with the way the Rock hit. Robinson made a joke, I think it was the around the time of one of the Olson fights, were the promoter was saying to Robinson, if you beat Olson, I could match you up with Marciano. Which Robinson replie, how about I beat Olson and HE fights Marciano. Unlike todays posters ete. Robinson and crew knew the Rock was the real deal and not the wimp they like to protray.
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