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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by MSTR

Does it scare you teke when you look at the company that you keep on these boards as a proud mundine supporter (nuthugger). The man 247, choc 1, Eels Rule ect. I am still trying to work out if you are the rose among the thorns, or the best of a bad bunch
MSTR if you havent noticed these arent new blokes they have been around a long time under multiple usernames. They have been here even when you were flying that old RJJ Olympics avatar years ago. Muttley knows them well

I feel pain when they are harassed because at the end of the day Mundines cream...err i mean Mundine will rise to the top and i know they will have the last laugh.

Onward and upwards Huggers

In all seriousness - I actually follow alot of fighters and have a good dvd collection from every era it's just Mundine has that X factor charisma that gets the blood flowing in conversations that i like to get involved in.
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