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Default Re: If Hatton beats Floyd In November he's Pound4pound Number 1!

lets be real here people? Hatton will not beat PBF! styles makes fight's and Hatton will play catcher face first for PBF and just make PBF look great! the fight that shold happen is PBF vs Sugar Shane Mosley! also who has Calzaghe fought? Lacy(a tough but untested Olympian when they fought?) Manfredo(stopped way early in the brit's favor?) a washed up past his prime Chris Eubank? Winky will school him,taylor will TKO him,a "past his prime" Roy Jones jr. will KO him out early,B-hop will bust him up and make him retire so he better just stay over in England and keep fighting the "hand picked bum's" he has been fighting? Hatton is Englands "real warrior" if Hatton were to beat PBF then he should let his "nut's hang" and fight Sugar Shane Mosley!
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