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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather vs Nate Campbell In April.

Originally Posted by nipplefloss View Post
Clottey is the best fight available to Pac at 147, in this time frame, there's no question about that. I'm simply not that interested in it. Pac should be able to win this fight on points using the same strategy he used against DLH. Step in, unload a combo, slip, move to the side, step out. He can keep it up for 12 rounds, and Clottey tends to take his foot off the gas anyway. He's also not very good at mixing offense and defense. He's either in defensive more or in offensive mode. Pac will hit him while he's in defensive mode and be gone before he can retaliate.

He also isn't a noted strong puncher. His KO percentage is 57%, lower even than Mayweather's, and of his last 10 fights only one ended in a stoppage, and most of those fights weren't exaclty against top drawer competition. His only real advantage in this fight is that he's very durable, and very big. But that's not enough to get him a win against a faster, more mobile, more active, and harder punching opponent.
at ww yes ...bradley pac would be a real fight though....i am not sold that clottey is even top 5 tho with collazzo, quintana and cintron...but yeah it is a good name...meaningless and he has no chance but that is besides the point
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