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Default Re: paul smith news from the contender. #**SNEAK PEEK#

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat

I'm being honest. Vera found a home for his punches with Codrington and Codrington was hurt and forced to keep an eye on his defence. Vera is pretty rubbish.

Bika and Soliman have real strong points...
Bika - strength and even power
Soliman - stamina and durability
...BUT technically they leave ALOT to be desired.
so agreed i saw him fight samuel miller a columbian in the miranda style of fighting, of firing roundhouses and crooked jabs to beat men up.

vera used his better boxing abilty(which wasnt much) and totally got out gunned and looked horrible.

he then fought darnell boone (who is one of my fav journeyman i watched 3 and a bit fights of his simon, pascal, the end of jameson and vera)..very good combo's very hard to hit just has little ko power he can bang a bit if he plants his feet but isnt flatening peeps soon or a decent manger to get him some ops and some dead ends to work with...

anyways vera fought him and looked awful and lost the first few rounds by boones lok away style...till vera seemed to just throw meaningless shots which were missing but he didnt styop throwing to boones flicking jab which was almost always landing and won the judges favor...won the fight and should of got the nod but it was very close to beaing a robbery.

and codrington knocked him all over the place literely.

also bank$ i have heard should of won the fight because his early work but in a 5 round fight early work is just a drop in the ocean.

i like banks and smitty both have talent in different ways.

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