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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
hey puma ive seen u do kettlebell training and was just wondering what is a good size kettlebell to start with?

also do u think it is feasible to do stronglifts 5x5 strength training and boxing circuit training on the rest days?
im 18 years old and have been doing a bit of boxing and weightlifting but havent had a serious routine and now i have more free time i wanna focus on it more
i think i first want to get into shape and stronger and then i will focus more on boxing

Hello and welcome.

I would say a good KB size would be in the 65 to 70lb range for swings only.

I am moving away from KB pressing movements as my forearm is red and hurts afterwards, no matter how much I use correct technique.

My advice to you as an amateur is to run 3-4 miles a day and use the tabata intervals consisting of burpees and heavy bag work.

This will suffice for amateur fighters.

As far as the strength training. I would recommend the SWAT training program I posted in the begining of this thread. 3x3 and 5x5 are excellent for upping your strength while the tabata takes care of the explosiveness and muscle endurance needed.

My tabata consists of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes. That is one set. I do 4 sets of punching the bag and move on to burpees for another 4 sets.

Do this only every other day at most.

Please feel free to ask more questions.
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