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Default Re: Hatton offers Mayweather 5 million (UK POUNDS - not $) to come to england.

Originally Posted by pit
leve playing field was this before or after Zoo was hugged and robbed of his nuts.

who are you ****ing kidding Tszyu got hugged and rapped in the UK , that why was so mad that his management took the fight with out getting his final ok..


yes Id be happy to school you .. Floyd is the noted 4p4 fighter so that translates to he is the man to beat from 130 to 154. That allows him to chose the place and location , he also was undisputed in 130,134 and 147 and belts holder at 140 and 154.. so this make Floyd the man at p4p and he is King Alphabet from 130 to 154 with respect to 140 ..

his PPV and vagus sale in the US more then equal hatton's in manchester ..

and let not forget Floyd has other choices hear in the states that can translate in more revenue then Hatton ..

Shane , Cotto , winner of margarito and williams .. Im pretty sure floyd can drop name on any one of these guy and the fight is made, so in reality he does not need Hatton. any one of the previous name will make up for his pushing hatton to the side based on his past dealing with hatton , so if Floyd says the hell with Hatton bring on shane , no one will think twice about Hatton other then his fans in Manchester.

so hatton can conform or kick ****ing rocks as I see it .. Arum and Oscar have big enough pockets to accommodate floyd greed as well supply the legit comp to cement legacy .Cotto and Shane would be more marketable product should they beat Floyd .
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