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Default Re: forget pbf vs hatton!!!

Originally Posted by platnumpapi
hatton is prime right now and undefeated.shane is older and if pbf beats him he want get shit for credit like in the odh fight.they say he struggled with an older odh.when he fought the best odh ever.not younger but alot smarter and did not tire as easy as before.and had been in big fights and had build up a mega fan base.

mayweather wins a close fight against shane he want get credit for it at all, and i agree i think it mosley is the guy to give pbf hell and stand almost 50 50 chance in beating him.

but mayweather needs to fight a great fighter like him self but still in his prime and even though shane looks blazing fast as ever and still has all the tools it dont mean shit cause he is 35 and would be 36 by the time he fought pbf.

hatton is prime and if they are ever going to fight the time is now.hatton unbeaten and mayweather unbeaten.england best vs usa this would be a mega fight, sorry shane but you might have to wait a little longer to fight pbf.

mayweather vs hatton ASAP
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