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Default Re: Juan Manuel Lopez v Steven Luevano

Originally Posted by Боксёр View Post
Why is 13/8 listed as 1.62 tho for Juan Manuel Lopez by KO TKO or DQ ? I believe it's 2.63
Get a calculator, friend.

13 divided by 8 (alternately written as 13/8...) is 1.625 - not 2.63 as you say.

You may be used to, and thinking of, the traditional Decimal (or "European style") odds format. That isn't what you're looking at above, although it looks similar.

Traditional decimal/Euro odds include your stake. VBookie only deals in Fraction (or "British style") odds - like 13/8. The decimal amount that is included shows what you stand to gain - it's a lot like European odds but does not include your stake. It's just a direct, literal decimal interpretation of the Fraction odds.

This may help explain a bit more:
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