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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Yoko Gushiken vs Alfonso Lopez

This was a nice little chess-match between two of the more technically skilled little guys of the era. The bout started off tame enough, with neither fighter doing much of anything in the first round. Once they started to let their hands go a bit more, Lopez started to gain the edge over a somewhat timid Gushiken. I had him taking the next 3 rounds quite easily, as he'd begun to counter him at will with right hands and nice little combinations before Yoko had really found his groove in the fight. I think Gushiken found that if he continued to fight this way he wasn't going to get anywhere. Alfonso was just too slick to be fighting at that pace.

Over the next two rounds, Gushiken started to pick up the pressure more and more, which made for the most eventful rounds of the fight. Lopez was still probably landing the cleaner, crisper counters, but it looked clear that Gushiken was physically the stronger man. He also started firing off that sharp straight left fo the body whenever he saw the opening. Definitely his most consistent punch in the fight. Some very good exchanges in these rounds, with Gushiken started to land with a bit more regularity, including a few hard, flush shots that seemed to temporarily rock Lopez. Very close rounds.

In the last round it was more of the same. Gushiken started to pour on the pressure while Lopez looked to counter with right hands and left hook combinations. However, later in the round Gushiken finally got his timing down, landing a flush right hook on the button and flooring Lopez. Unfortunately he felt the need to crack him with another big left hand when he was on his hands and knees, which the ref did nothing about. Lopez looked capable of continuing, but was inexplicably counted out on his knees. A bit of a cheap ending following that great right hook. Still, a very nice fight.
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