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Default Re: If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but acomplished the same........

I don't like "What If" he or they were different then what they actually were type stuff...... Bobby Fitz was around 6' tall and anywhere from 160 to 182 pounds throughout his career...... That was his frame-size and build....... His diet was good and he was strong.... Christ, Bobby Fitz had good sized biceps for his size....... BUT! As a heavyweight fighter, floating around in a time machine, I just do NOT see Bobby Fitz doing very well through the 20th century against many of the ex-title holders who fought......

Bobby Fitz prolly could've held up well enough against the majority of 175 pound champs over the years and decades, but I can name a few dudes come post 1950 who'd prolly be too skilled and too much for "The Fighting Blacksmith" at 175........

At 160, I gotta assume Bobby Fitz was a bit weak there..... He obviously had to starve and dry-out a bit to make 160...... Even for the times of the 1880s & 1890s, 160 pounds had to be a struggle for Fitz....

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