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Default Re: If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but acomplished the same........

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
I am not saying that extra weight would help him.

I am saying that he is not given credit for his actual acomplishments, because he was so small.

Imagine if a 200lb fighter anihilated Sharkey and Ruihlin like Fitzsimmons did?

He would be seen as a dreadnought.
I did a post on here, where I updated Fitzsimmons accomplishments to 100 years later, and while i havent had time to fully look at his record and consider it (i will one day), it became obvious to me that Fitzsimmons achieved an awful lot more at heavyweight than he is given credit for, nowadays, even by some of his hardcore supporters.

Forgetting about size, Fitz as a heavyweight has a record that is every bit comparable with guys like Holyfield and Tyson, who are often in people's top 10 and never out of top 20 lists. The harsh reality, is that Fitzy has a better KO record against top opponents than Tyson, and that is a scary thought. In fact, his one punch power (for its time at the very least) is on par or better than Tyson's.

Like it or not, the losses to Jeffries were past prime, and he was not necessarilly any closer to his prime in those fights than Ali was against Spinks or Dempsey against Tunney, Louis against Charles etc. In fact, his effort there was phenomenal, when you think about it.

His strength was his one punch power, and i agree with your thoughts. This would not be questioned if he was 200-220 lbs, which incidentally would place him on par in size terms with about a Tyson. Even if his record did not improve any, i think that today's fans would see him gather an awful lot of support.
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