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Default Fights you shed a tear after

Has a fighter losing ever caused you to shed a tear? Its always sad to see a legend past his prime still fighting, losing to a less than great, fresh young fighter.

Barrera vs Khan. Barrera was far beyond his best and came out like a warrior, suffered a cut from a clash of heads which impaired his vision and then took salvo after salvo from the 'great' muslim hypinator. And it was stopped. The commentators declared Khan for real, and Khan showered himself with flatteries over the win. That whole fight stank. The fact that they'd picked the washed up legend to feed off his name. And this may be bias, but the cut was just as bad in the 1st round and so it shouldve been called a NC there or not at all. But they let them carry on for Khan to gain a lead on the points against a blinded Barrera, so as to give him the victory. Thats how i feel about it anyway. Here in the UK, Khan is hyped as the next big thing, and all week i'd be telling my casual fan friends how great Barrera was and that his shadow would whoop Khan. It felt like the boxing world took a **** on his legacy that night and threw him to the roadside, it really upset me.

Pacquiao vs Morales III. I'll say now Pacquiao is my favourite active fighter, but Morales was my favourite before, and tied with Whitaker and Patterson, my favourite fighter of all time. Past his best he managed to tame the beast that is Pacquiao in their first meeting. He gave him the rematch and lost in war(he doesnt lose any other way), he made Pacquiao famous that night, i felt it was a passing of the torch somewhat. And then he fought him a 3rd time. He had no business taking that fight i feel, however like a true warrior he went for the rubbermatch, i doubt he even questioned it, and was blown out of the water completely. Seeing his face during the 10 count was heartbreaking. And after the fight he had no excuses whatsoever, quite the opposite...

"Maybe it's time I should no longer be doing this. I did everything in camp necessary to win this fight. I didn't win it. It wasn't my just wasn't meant to be. Maybe this is the way to end it. It's a beautiful night, and there's a lot of good people here, it was always a pleasure to give the public great fights."

I love this guy. He was a war-torn veteran out on his shield that night. A true warrior, double hard aztec/spartan hybrid mother****er.

And these two legends gave us the most intense, skillfully competative trilogy of all time! WAR MORALES! WAR BARRERA! MUCH RESPECT!
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