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Default Re: Did Mosley hurt Winky?

Originally Posted by chliJs
i said that this behaviour was a sign of pure dominance. i did not say winky dominated the fight completely, how could i, this fight was pretty close, especially in the second half of the fight mosley came very strong.
but this is the whole thing: at this point of time mosley didn't look that good. the first fight was still in the air plus he didn't look too good in the first rounds, even though he took at least the fourth.
also, what do you want to prove with the clip? it only proves that wright had no problem absorbing mosley's punches and come back strong in the end of the round. mosley must have been shocked.

i don't even like wright's style, so why should i defend him? it's just an observation, that after he willingly took a couple of hard blows he didn't seem as impressed by that as he should.
You're right and I apologize. I've seen several posts in the past saying Winky dominated Mosley in that fight. I guess I jumped the gun, my fault. You said that Winky wasn't hurt at all...that's the only reason I posted the clip so you could have another look. Winky wasn't going down or anything but he was stunned a bit.
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