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Default Re: If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but acomplished the same........

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but had identicle acomplishments.

Would anybody have him outside their top 20 all time heavyweights?
Fitzsimmons came in 20th in the IBRO poll of greatest heavyweights.

Yes--Fitz weight of 167 to 172 at heavyweight DQ's him in the eyes of those who are unfamiliar with Fitzsimmons career. IF Fitz weighed 200 pounds, those unfamiliar with his career would assume he could compete at heavyweight.

Fitzsimmons was a master strategist, and lethal puncher. He produced three fatalities from boxing related injuries, and flattened most of the top contenders of his day with KO's. It did not matter if they were 260 LBS.

Fitz might have a 100+ un-recorded fights.

Nat Fleisher, who saw them all from Corbett to Frazier, said Fitz was the best knock out puncher. Even if Nat is a bit off, this is still high praise.

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