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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Been meaning to watch that Natonic, will definitly after you mentioning it.


Ezzard Charles vs Lloyd Marshall II

A prime Charles and a past it Marshall. The first 3 rounds Marshall showed what must have been his past skills as he got into Charles range and waged an inside war. Marshall had a low hands style with lots of bobbing and weaving and deceptivly hard to hit. His punches were solid as well. The fight was an inside war from the first bell and near the end of the round Marshall dropped Charles badly.

After the KD the fight had the same rythm but Charles started to land some solid shots also. The referee had very little to do as both guys were extremly skilled on the inside.

In the 4th the tide changed as a huge right from Charles shook Marshall badly and a beating followed. The fifth was back to the same but nearer the end of the round Charles handed out a beating.

The 6th was still an inside war but Marshall looked more and more uncertain of winning and eventually a monstorous left hook to Marshall's solar plexus finished the fight.

One thing I noted about both these guys was there tendancy to hook rather than throw straight punches, but both were so highly effective. Also their inside work was absoloutly superb and really amazing to watch.

Time: 9 1/2 mins Rounds: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Charles KO6 Marshall

Ezzard Charles vs Joey Maxim IV

Pretty much a routine defence of Charles's heavyweight title. Unfortunatly only a short highlight version.

Charles pretty much dominated the fight with controlled combinations and a superb right hand in every round but the 9th. In the 9th Maxim lanbded a good counter left hook and hurt Charles and tried to finish him off to no avail but won the round.

The difference I noticed about Charles between the Marshall fight and this was how more relaxed and steady he was. He kept his range and looked to figure out Maxim rather than engage all out. His long range boxing skills were as good as his inside work and he dominated Maxim in both respects. Very good all round performance.


10 1/2 mins Rounds: 1,5,9,15

Charles UD15 Maxim

Ezzard Charles vs Jimmy Bivins V

This fight generally gets disregarded as a bad fight. This was a Light Heavyweight Charles against the underrated Jimmy Bivins.

Charles looking to keep the bout at range started off well circling Bivins and landing hard shots as Bivins attempted to come inside. Despite Bivins coming forward Charles was iniating the action in a great show of ring generalship.

As the bout wore on Bivins got inside more and Charles responded in turn as both men traded combinations and solid shots. Bivins work of his jab seemed to help him get inside. I did think the referee was slightly premature in his break ups of the clinches, as both men were fighting inside and both men are very skillful inside fighters.

From the highlights it looked a very hard fought close fight but with Charles edging it.


26 mins Rounds: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Charles UD10 Bivins

Tony Canzoneri vs Jackie 'Kid' Berg

Excellant wee s**** this. Berg was the taller of the two and kept a tight guard and looked to advance on Canzoneri behind a stiff jab and follow up combinations. Canzoneri with his Fitzsimmons-esque stance used his spearing left hand to controll the range and brought Berg beautifully onto counter shots in terms of left hooks and right hands. The fluidity of Canzoneri was bueatiful as he slipped and bobbed under Berg's shots and came back with his own. In the 3rd Canzoneri brought Berg onto a counter and dropped him face frst on the matt for a clean KO.

One thing that occured to me in this bout was that Canzoneri had a very 'old fashioned' style and stance with his hands low etc.... and Berg had a very modern stance with his high hands and combination punching. However Canzoneri dealt with him easily. Does this mean we underrate the old timers chances against our 'modern fighters'?

Canzoneri: 1,2
20-18 Canzoneri (2-0)

Canzoneri KO3 Berg

Max Schmeling vs Mickey Walker

Excellant and epic struggle here. Walker full of bravey almost defiantly takes a beating from Schmeling. The bout starts with Schmeling picking off Walker and right at the end of teh round he drops Walker with a right hand, Walker leaps up and impersionates Michael Johnson as he sprints towards Schmeling but the bell rings.

The fight takes a rythm as Walker looks to use his speed and step into Schmeling with hard punches but Schmeling looks to pick him off with right hands and uppercuts and takes controll, despite Walkers best efforts that make it competitive, but you see it is in vain.

The 8th round is one sided as Schmeling batters Walker around the ring and drops him twice, the first evokes an enthusiastic response as Walker mounts a charge of the Light Brigade at him which leads to a second knockdown which fails to evoke any such bravery. Walker broken, beaten, bloodied and battered walks back to his corner and the fight is stopped due to Walker not being able to see out of his eyes.

Did not score this

Schmeling RTD8 Walker

Orlando Canizales vs Kelvin Seabrookes I

Surprisingly my first glimpse of Canizales. And this bout was an excellant one.

Canizales started fast with lots of movement and sharp punching. A perfectly timed right hand badly hurt and dropped Seabrookes who just got up. Canizales turned on the pressure with clinical punching but Kelvin held in till the bell.
After that Canizalez took controll with sharp movement and even sharper punching.
In the mid rounds Seabrookes changed his tactics and started landing some more shots but Canizalez quickly adjusted and re-won command of the battle. This was kept till the 15th.

In the 15th Canizales came out and quickly landed another well placed right, reminiscent of Harold Johnsons poleaxe of Paul Andrews. unbelieveably Kelvin got up but this time Canizales clinical finshing finally forced the ref to stop the bout.

On Canizalez I was deeply impressed. A very complete fighter with excellant lateral movement and combiantions. His timing and accuracy is superb as his jab and feints. One thing I really liked was his little pivots left or right (although mainly right) where he could get away from his opponent but still stay in punching range. His ability to just take a step to offset himself from the centre of his opponent was awesome. He landed real quality shots which he combined to head and body. Overral I was impressed. And amazingly Canizalez did all this with two broken hands from round 2 onwards. Also I loved the way of how fluid he was when inside and trading.

Canizalez: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
Seabrookes: 6 KD'd 1, 15
Total: 139-125 Canizalez (14-1)

Canizales TKO15 Seabrookes

Orlando Canizales vs Kelvin Seabrookes II

The same as the first fight. The action was slightly more competive however and both guys looked improved. I was more impressed with Canizalez patientce and cleverness, as he looked to pressure Seabrookes more often and really forced the fight at times (where I think he is more effective).

As said the fight was similar with Canizales dominating early but in the mid rounds Seabrookes coming on then Canizales controlling the bout till the end.

In the end Seabrookes face was a mess and some clinical punching from Orlando finsihed matters.

Canizales: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
Seabrookes: 6,
Total: 99-91 Canizales (9-1)

Canizales TKO11 Seabrookes

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