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Default Re: If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but acomplished the same........

RockysSplitNose post #2 a convincing argument could be made for me to switch him with Jeffries when you think about a creaking veteran of Fitzsimmons was for the most part making a real mess of prime Big Jeff for most of the fight before Jeff slogged him down late
I strongly recommend Pollack's recent book on Jeffries, [ame=""][/ame]

People who saw the fight considered it to be a GREAT fight. Nobody thought Fitzsimmons was "creaking". Sullivan and Gans commented on what a wonder Fitzsimmons still was.
I forget if Jeffries-Fitzsimmons was 25 or 20 round, but an 8th round KO shouldn't be called "late".
People who saw the fight understood that, from the get go, Fitz was indeed "making a real mess" of Jeffries face -- AND that Jeffries was digging into Fitzsimmons body. By the 5th round it was apparent that Bob was begining to weaken. It wasn't like Fitzsimmons tortured Jeffries, then Jeff caught him. Jeffries administered a gradual but cumulative body breakdown.
Both guys made a "real mess" of each other, but the mess Fitzsimmons made was more visible and more superficial.
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