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Default Re: If Bob Fitzsimmons weighed 200lbs but acomplished the same........

I prefer to envision him against super middles. Very intriguing at times, and personally feel if the reports are true Fitz didn't always fight like he did against Corbett: and thank God because face with Corbett he was ugly and awkward as Hell .

However he got the job done. Against less physically dominating opponents I imagine he'd 'come out of his shell' so to speak.

And although Fitz may not be as 'developed' to use a horrible word, he would be an awkward and hard hitting opponent for anyone between 168-175 due to the fact he clearly had immense power but accounting for suposed refinement in punching technique, Fitz gloves would make the punches an intense and uncomfortable experience for 'modern' fighters.

Although I'm not in the camp who over eggs him to the point where I refuse to accept he can ever lose, I'm willing to accept he could at least hold his own long enough to do some serious damage.
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