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Default Re: Chicos words of wisdom to all elite boxers...

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
You got two routes - both of which I'm cool with but give the latter more credit.

1) Slowly go through the levels ala Cotto. This is what Bute has admitted he will do. Become IBF champ, get a defence or two in and then look to Kessler v Calzaghe winner.

2) Step the **** up and really dare. Look at guys like Ali or Mayweather. They did it early and against guys who had more experience, better wins, title etc

Option two comes with a strong backlash. It's not always wise. So if a boxer is take the safer (maybe smarter) route then so be it. As long as when the big stage comes calling they immerse themself in it and stay battling to be the best and maybe even the best ever. I'm think Taylor, I'm thinking DLH, I'm even thinking Pacquiao and some others.
Right! The way I see it is like this. Bute wants to step it up steadily but courageously. He doesn't want to jump into the ring with guys that he doesn't feel he has a decent chance of winning against. This seems fair, because it's foolish to go in with guys you are not ready for, assuming that you will indeed get better in a short while and you will be better prepared soon. Bute has much to learn, yet. His defence is not so great!! He also lacks the experience to get to grips with guys's style early in the took him until round 6 against Bika before he was confortable...Will he be ready in 2-3 fights for the best out there. I think he can be pretty much as ready as he needs to be to have a decent crack at it. I'd rather he was 90% there and lost, fighting his best fight yet, then if he waited another 2-3 years to increase his chances of winning by only 10% or so. The thing is, if you fight be best and lose, sure, you'll fall down the ranks, but you know where you are, and what you have to do; it's better than keeping the "0" and staying untested at the highest level, until you are too old, I think.

Bute's trainer (Larouche) is a bright man. He knows how important it is to Lucian to feel that his career is not stagnating, that he's taking on harder and harder fights. He knows that in Montreal he has a steady following who will back him up even if he loses, as long as he stays true and dares to be the best, keeping the momentum. Also, Larouche will only let him loose against big guns when he feels he's ready - he won't burn him out. So far, he has steered the middle course well. Let's see what Bute does against Berrio. Let's see who is his first defence if he wins. Then we can decide what Bute has to do and whether he is ready to have a go against Calzaghe/Kessler. In any case, he would be wise to heed Chico's advice. Let's hope he does.
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