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Default Re: arthur v foster jnr

Originally Posted by victorhugo4222
Can tell you john wasnt offered this fight at all just rumours of it happning but none were true. also Johns next fight wont be in Scotland its looking more likely his next defence is going to be down south once again though hes not reallyin fact he would actuallyprefer that after the bad press he got last week in the tabloids up here. Dont know if anyone seen it but was disgraceful the daily record covered some daft story more than they have with all his fights put together. If youtr Scottish and a Simpson fan NEVER buy the daily record again.
The Daily Record is well known as a ****in rag, & its readership has been dwindling for years. I didnt know they had done a negative story on Simpson, but it doesnt surprise me as they have always had a right problem with boxing. Remember, it was the Daily Record who ran a campaign trying to get Tyson banned from fighting in Scotland, ****in ****s. In fact, just a month or two ago they got their **** sued by none other than Frank ******, & had to write a grovelling apology over untruths they told about him.

The Daily Record stinks. Probably cos its made with recycled toilet paper. I wouldnt buy that, OR the so called 'scottish' Sun. It was funny hearing that the 'scottish' Sun version tried to distance itself from the anti-scottish racist comments penned by one of their english columnists in the english edition just a fw short days ago

Record & Sun? Only fit for wiping your bum.
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