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Default Re: winky wright will beat Hopkins

Originally Posted by Grabonator
Hopkins is a genius, hes such an experienced and skilled pro that Wright wont be able to deal with him. Other than speed Winky has no adavantages over Hopkins. Hopkins os more skilled, bigger, more powerfull, more experienced, hell hes so experienced that he can read every opponent. In his last fights at middleweight he had some verry close fights with Taylor but after he moved up he seemed to be better, fresher and stronger again. Hopkins should have moved up some years earlier, as he got older he ot weaker at 160 but for some reason he stayed at 160. He will fight Winky at 170 pounds that will be a great weight for Hopkins while Winky is to small than that and will be much lighter than Hopkins on fightnight. I think Hopkins could stop Winky, who thought he could stop Tarver?? I think he will stop Winky too! It will once again be an great display of experience, skill, ring generalship, tactics and power and it will end dramatic!
He didn't stop Tarver, but I agree with you when you say B-Hop will win.
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