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Default Best fighter you've ever shared the ring with?

Who would you say is the best fighter you've ever been in with- either sparring or competitive?

I've been in the ring with;

(fight)Lee McAllister- Commonwealth champion/ WBU world champion/Scottish champion

(fight)Ricky Burns- Two time WBO world champion, Commonwealth champion/Scottish champion

(fight) Steve Foster Jnr- British champion/ABA champion/ WBU world champion/ Top ten world class amateur

(fight) Dave Curran- national amateur champion

(fight) Antony Hanna, Peter Buckley, Danny Thorpe, Carl Allen (professional area champions)

(fight) Steve Murray- WBO intercon champion and world number one contender

(fight) Oisen ***an- Irish champion and Oklahoma champ

(fight) Steven Mathews- ABA finalist

(Fight) Stephen Harkin - British masters champion

(spar) Marco Antonio Barrera- 5 time world champion

(spar) Mike Gomez- British and WBU world champion

(spar) Kenny Anderson- British champion/Commonwealth games gold medallist and Celtic champion

(spar) Luke Blackledge- British/ International Masters champion

(spar) Rick Turba- European amateur bronze medallist

(spar) Mathew Ellis- ABA champion

(spar) Lee Blundell- top domestic middleweight contender (beat Ryan Rhodes)

(spar) Mathew Hall- British light middle champ

(spar) Thomas McDonagh- WBU world champion

(spar) Tony Doherty- Commonwealth games gold medalist

(spar) Karl Kirkham- number 1 amateur middlewight

(Spar) Chris Dougan- 4 times Scottish and European amateur champion

(spar) Scott Cardle- National amateur junior champion- england rep

(spar) Brian Rose- British champion, National amateur champion

(spar) Curtis Dean- National amateur champion

(spar) Jack Arnfield- National amateur champion

(spar) Matty Askin- ABA champion

(spar) Paul Burke- three time Commonwealth champion

(spar) Antony Crolla- British champion

(spar) Gareth Piper- Welsh amateur champion

All I can think of at the mo.....

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