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Default Re: What makes u believe Hatton is a bigger draw than Floyd?

Originally Posted by hahahax
Let's just clarify things here...

Hatton couldnt even PPV a fight with Castillo.. whereas Floyd had a fight with Baldomir on PPV. That's enough right there. But lemme continue..

Then there's all the dumb people saying Hatton will draw more fans to the fight(casino/stadium) than mayweather. Well, if Floyd could pretty much fill the room when fighting Baldo, it's not like he couldnt do it against anyone else in the US... and casinos bring huge money, so whether it's in a 13K casino or a 50K UK stadium, the revenue will be similar.

The worse argument is the fan base, people say Floyd does not draw because he does not have a fan base.. wrong, most people who will buy the fight in the USA will either root for Floyd or just buy it to see him lose and get KTFO.. either way, the draw is Floyd, whether you want him to win or lose. But not many american fans will buy it for Ricky Hatton.

So basically, the gate revenue would pretty much be the same in the US and UK due to the casino money for the fight.

And US fans, which are way more than UK fans will buy it to see FLOYD, not Hatton. People won't tune in to see Hatton win, they will to see Mayweather lose.. or win for his fans. So most of the PPV revenue will come from Floyd.

Nuf said.
Well Hatton was reported to have made over $10 million for the Castillo fight having added together all revenues which was more than Floyd made fighting Baldo on PPV. So Hatton makes more money in a non PPV event than Mayweather can in a PPV event. Let's see Mayweather generate $10 million without PPV revenue.
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