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Default Re: Amir Khan v Juan Manuel Marquez - May 1 (Mayweather v Mosley Under-card)

Originally Posted by divac View Post
For the boxing fan yes, but for the casual fan not a whole lot of people that I know have ever heard of Khan.

I think Marquez-Khan is a great idea as an undercard for Mayweather-Mosley for the simple reason that in the US, alof of Latino fans are going to be riding the fence whether to purchase Mayweather-Mosley.

You throw in JMM against a legit live foe like Khan, and it about ensures that Mosley-Mayweather will be a huge sucess.

I'm not kidding here. Imo Mayweather-Mosley on its own merits with their fanbase may do less than expected.......and certainly GBP cant afford to have Mayweather-Mosley flop at the PPV market and then feel that the winner will have bargaining leverage against a possible fall date against Pacquiao.
perhaps the casual fan dont know khan,but knows marquez,and mexicans we pay a lot to see our fighters,so yeah,i'll bet you anything they wont fight the undercard!
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