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Default Re: New bettors (Vcash virgins) - report here! Tutorial within.

Originally Posted by Robney View Post
I have a question about vCash dealt out when joining.
I see some getting $1000 and others (like me) starting out with $500, is this random or is there another reason for this.

It doesn't matter that much, I just have to build up my winnings slowly, but I read the Tutorial and this never comes up.
That's a good question Robney, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

To my knowledge the admin(s) set up this vbookie system to automatically dispense $1k to all first-timers when a new account is registered. If some people are really getting only $500, that would certainly not be fair. Hopefully you are simply mistaken and there isn't a system glitch causing this (lord knows Vbookie isn't without its fair share of glitches ).

Are you sure you never wagered any vcash prior to having a $500 balance? Could you do me a favor and go to the "Your Bets" section of vbookie (follow the link at the top of your page) and post a screenshot (if it's multiple pages, post them all). Thanks!
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