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Default Re: Pipino Cuevas vs Jose Luis Lopez!

this is difficult cause both of these fighters had two faces:

for lopez it was simply a question of motivation and letting his hands go. of killer instinct and determination. he had the physical tools. but sometimes he just sleepwalked and let the other guy outwork him.

with cuevas, its a bit more difficult. he had one style: he came straight at you cranking up that left hook looking to take your head off. always the guy going forward hunting his prey.
but then hearns backed him up and knocked him out. a few comback wins, then duran took him out. then herman montes and so on.

what cuevas never really had prior to the hearns fight was a big puncher in front of him. with lopez, he was hit by guys like campas, quartey and page...flush shots and he took em. so we knew that in his prime he had an iron jaw.
but what about cuevas?? did his punch resistance simply go away after the hearns disaster........or was his chin not so good after all??
prior to hearns, cuevas biggest punching foe was probably pete ranzany.
the rest of his challengers were average hitters....and some were featherfisted.
against these guys cuevas could just force the fight........and he looked great doing so.

but what would happen if a guy like lopez had stayed with him and just banged back?? and banged back hard???

could cuevas have taken lopez shots?......cause im pretty certain lopez could have taken his.

with this in mind i imagine a toe to toe slugfest which ends with three knockdowns in round eight......and lopez the winner.
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