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Default Re: Which boxer was consistently the best conditioned?

The best conditioned fighters were generally of the Marciano,Basilio,Frazier ilk.Guys who had to take three to give one. That way of fighting requires an extra dose of conditioning to stay competitive in any division. How many times did we see Ali mail it in, in poor shape, and still win? How many times did Marciano do that? Or Basilio? Or Frazier? The one time Joe did that he was obliterated by big George! The best conditioned fighters seem to be the type that were'nt born with all the natural physical and athletic ability than say Muhammed Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson or Roy Jones Junior. These fighters had plenty of God given ability honed of course by hours of hard work. But warriors like Rocky et al realized that they needed a little extra something to compete and succeed against thier more gifted brethren, and that was developing thier level of conditiong to a higher plane. In this regard I would say that Marciano comes to mind as the most highly conditioned though that's certainly debateable.
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