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Default Re: Boxing Equipment (Melbourne, Victoria)

Originally Posted by Young Victor View Post
Yesterday My mood was a bit off-skew so I was a bit rougher than I like to be on famengo, just the heat of the day.
I take a little back out of that.

The gloves have so far proven to be very good in most areas with the exception of the laces having been about30 centimeters too short, still usable but out of wack with our stanadards.
I have had 450 new laces in the right size sent to me to replace them with.

Jacks gloves are made overseas and I will not tell you where in case you make a big deal of it, as he is a friend of mine.

Besides I hope you guys know that half my glove range are fight gloves and 90% of them go to the local promoters free of charge.

Be gentle with me Victor.

Whilst in the process, be sure to tell the readers where your gloves are made. We're all aware that Jacks gloves are made in Thailand.. is that a big deal??

JRE Gloves have served very well for many years, regardless of where they're made. Quality has never been questioned, much like Thai women, bars, beaches and more Thai women.
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