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Default Re: lennox lewis is the best heavyweight ever!

Originally Posted by BoxingGuru
Lennox is top 15 at best. He wouldn't beat Liston, Foreman, Frazier, or Ali and about 10 other prime 60's/70's fighters. I'd give Jerry Quarry a shot at beating him too.

Ray Mercer should have beat him as well, I thought Ray did plenty enough in that fight to get the win.
he would beat liston easily i cant believe you think that sonny has somthing on him liston did have the jab and power but that doesnt get you the win liston is to squat to win. lennox ud by jabbing tiying up and throw the right hand when liston moves in but liston was a dangerous man and as a jab comes to jab the smaller man wins and liston had the power and ferocity to win. 5/5 chance for lennox

foreman george-lennox would be a great fight but foremans defence but relied on jabbing his way in with his big long power jab and midrange punches using hooks uppercuts crosses jabs all the punches could land bascily...but his defence well he didnt have one. lewis was hard to hit and a great inside technician and outside puncher.
but foreman didnt fall down alot and always kept coming had an almighty jaw and the hardest punching heavyiweght champion of all time...but yet again lewis hits about just as hard with the right hand and the stamina and ring smarts to beat him 6/4 for lennox (only becuase the power of lewis vs the chin of foreman would maybe be a stun or a rocking motion. but if george landed a right hand it could and might be all over)

frazier...frazier was beaten by guys who pushed him back had a size and reach advantage who would jab him make him dodge and get tagged by a big right hand. no way does frazier win this. think about what beat frazier and lewis is almost the exact tailormade man for him.
9/1 for lennox (im totally sure about this but frazier would still have the left hook and reflexes)

ali- would do all types of stuff to lewis ,lewis was quick and athletic but muhhamad was way to quick light and snappy a close but ali wins on the faster rapidity of shots and elusivness.8/2 ali

jerry quarry- now you say 'jerry quarry' like it's an insult that lennox could be beaten by him...but quarry was a bad bad man when it came to the hitters . when fighting punchers he was a giant killer only 189 pounds and 6'1 tall he could blast men away with his counterpunching skills iron jaw and power. he was quick elusiv and would box and slug in equal measure. vs frazier he brawled as he couldnt get frazier to back up. and did win loads of rounds, vs ali he tried to box becuase thats what he does to the taller fighters that they come to him to hit hard while he moves slips and comeback with the right hand or left hook ,sadly ali was a boxer and made quarry come to him and tore him apart.

ray mercer gave him trouble but by no mean won the fight. when a jab vs the jab the smaller man usually wins becuase he is trying to go foreward with the jab while the other man tries to move away. this happend with duran vs leonard durans left kept parrying away the jab of ray, but lennos used his savy to win though not looking good in the process.

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